Transfer Agent

Computershare maintains Atlantic Union Bankshares' shareholder records and can answer specific questions about shareholders accounts and transactions. Though we would be pleased to assist you with special problems, our transfer agent is better equipped to directly and efficiently resolve your questions. You can reach our transfer agent at the phone number and web address below:


USA: (800) 368-5948
International: (781) 575-4223

Click on the below links or contact our transfer agent for additional information on:

The Dividend Reinvestment Plan Prospectus - A prospectus of the Dividend Reinvestment Plan, through which shareholders of record can acquire additional shares of Atlantic Union Bankshares' common stock through automatic reinvestment of cash dividends. It also provides the means to purchase additional shares
of Atlantic Union Bankshares' stock directly from the Company through optional monthly cash contributions;

Shareholder Questions - Answers to specific questions about changes of address, stock transfers, lost certificates and dividend payments.

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